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LIHEAP Program Explanation

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Community Services, provides financial assistance to low income renters or homeowners to help heat or cool their homes by making direct payments to their gas or electric utility companies. The details and name of this program can vary from state to state. It may be referred to as HEAP, the Fuel Assistance Program, the Heating Assistance Program, the Utility Assistance Program, or other state specific names. Under this program, there are two types of benefits: Regular and Emergency. While this program is not specifically designed for seniors, it does help those over the age of 60 disproportionately, as seniors receive priority in situations with limited funding.

LIHEAP alone is not a solution for keeping low income, aging seniors living in their homes. However, when combined with other assistance programs for the elderly, the program can make a significant contribution.

Did You Know? 

Qualifying for LIHEAP may automatically make a household eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program.  This program helps by providing insulation, replacing broken windows, and fixing or replacing heaters and furnaces.

Eligibility Requirements

Final eligibility for LIHEAP is determined by each state individually.  However, general requirements exist that are common nationwide.

While there is no age requirement, priority is usually given to a household that includes individuals who are at least 60 years old.  Marital status only impacts eligibility in so much as the more members of a household, the higher the financial limits for eligibility.  Both US citizens and qualified aliens can receive assistance.

There are no requirements tied to the health or physical status of the applicant.

Receiving Benefits

LIHEAP assistance is paid as a lump sum sent directly to a utility company or fuel dealer on behalf of the beneficiary/household. This is typically sent once per year, but may be sent in smaller amounts (in greater frequency) to allow the state to better manage its funds.  LIHEAP benefits can only be used to pay for energy assistance.


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